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CEED Consulting

Since 1999 until nowadays, through continuous dedication to customers and improving the quality of its services, CEED Consulting has become a leading company in the field of business consulting in Montenegro. With our services, we help clients improve their business, further develop and improve their products and services, take advantage of the opportunities that are provided to them and meet the needs of their customers and consumers.

Applying international business standards, CEED Consulting relies on its knowledge of the local market to develop unique solutions based on accurate and timely information. Together with its partners, CEED Consulting directs domestic and overseas clients towards profitable and strategic business goals.

Who we are

From the organization named the Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CEED) founded in 1993 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro, 1999, company CEED Consulting Ltd, Podgorica is specialized in the field of consulting, market research and human resources development. Through cooperation with the Center for International Private Business (CIPE, Washington), CEED took a significant part in creating a business environment in the period when the most important economic reforms were implemented. Today, CEED Consulting Ltd. offers a wide range of consulting services with a focus on business consulting, market research and training. With over 200 clients in Montenegro and references with international institutions, CEED Consulting Ltd has developed the image of a trusted partner.

What do we do?


Our Team

Our team is made up of flexible and committed professionals who understand the dynamics of the market in which we work. Focused on your specific needs, the CEED Consulting team will support your company in making decisions by offering appropriate and innovative solutions.

CEED Consulting has a developed network of associates, experts of various profiles in the country and foreign countries, who are available to join our team depending on the specific task. We share the same values and the same commitment to the priorities of our clients.

What else do we offer?

CEED Consulting’s additional services include assistance in preparing documentation for participation in tenders and projects, organizing business events and issuing conference rooms for seminars, trainings and meetings. Below is a more detailed description.

We offer additional services

  • Inviting guests according to the client’s request and needs (domestic and foreign economic entities, state organizations / institutions, journalists, embassies, non-governmental organizations and other relevant institutions);
  • Preparation of materials for participants (copying, preparation of accreditation, etc.).
  • Sending notifications, announcements, as well as announcing activities and writing event information;
  • Delivery of photographs, press clipping and audio-video materials from the event;
  • Organization of catering on client’s request, etc.

For more information, please contact us at:

+382 20 622 931
+382 20 633 855
+382 69 090 622

e-mail: info@ceed-consulting.com

We will do everything to fulfil your expectations and justify the trust you have given us.

Assistance in the preparation of tender documentation for participation in the tender

  1. Information for the client on the appropriate tender
  2. Examination and interpretation of the Tender Documentation of the Client
  3. Creation and delivery of detailed instructions for preparing the documentation prepared by the bidder
  4. Preparation of individual parts of the tender documentation, at the request of the client
  5. Possibility to obtain mandatory legal documents from the Central Registry of Economic Entities, the Tax Administration (registration certificate, confirmation that the bidder has not received a judicial or administrative measure of prohibition of performing activities, liquidity certificate …)
  6. Participation in the creation and creation of a bid form (prices, payment, delivery, guarantees) together with the client, if there is interest of the client for this option
  7. Final verification of the correctness immediately prior to submission of the prepared documentation by the client with an assessment of the correctness of the same
  8. Presence and active participation in the tender opening procedure (with the written authorization of the client). This involves removing errors at the client’s account in the opening process, reacting to the illegal opening, entering remarks in the minutes, reviewing the documentation of the competition, as far as this Law allows in the opening bid phase
  9. Interpretation and analysis with the proposal of further steps of the Decision on the selection of the most favourable bid
  10. Detailed overview of the competition documentation after receiving the Decision on the selection of the most favourable bid and determining the elements that are not in accordance with the Law
  11. Argumented proposal to the client for lodging an appeal on the Decision
  12. Complete the process of appeal of the client in front of the commission. The ultimate outcome can be tender cancellation or re-consideration of the client’s offer
  13. Communication of CEED Consulting with the Ordering Party in legally permitted frameworks
  14. Participation and assistance in the procedure of contracting and realization of the contract, in case the client with CEED Consulting

Conference Hall Rental

The CEED Consulting facilities are located in the city center, in the business building “Celebic” (opposite to the Clock Tower), Kralja Nikole 27a, on the 4th floor. We have three apartments, surface of 25 – 100m/2 and capacity up to 100 participants. In pleasant rooms, air-conditioned and adaptable to each type of event, CEED Consulting team is available for organizing all kinds of conferences, presentations, meetings, promotions, lectures, workshops, focus groups and roundtables.

Halls are technically equipped and the arrangement is adjusted according to the event and requirements of the client. Rental prices for equipment and equipment are determined according to the customer’s query and depend on the number of hours of use and packages of other services that the client uses.

No. of Places:10001

Big Hall

No. of Places:1402

Medium Hall

No. of Places:603

Small Hall

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